Evertrail is an infinite, real-time generated world where all of your choices shape the outcome.

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To vote, write e.g. "1", "2" or "3" in the chat. (You can add your reason or other text after the number, like "1 most exciting choice".)

To add an element, wait until the mention that you were picked to add something. This can happen every few rounds. Then write anything you'd like to see incorporated into the next event, e.g. "+Hourglass" or "+Time Spell" or "+A Gray-bearded Wizard" or "+Something funny happens".

The theme of Evertrail varies, from fantasy to scifi, or a present day world.

To have the host ignore something you say, put it in brackets (like this), or just start your comment with ().

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Thanks to the RGJott community for their help! Thanks RGJott, Kugelstern, Neriik, Userspeakteam, Bananabread, Zhorky and everyone else! Thanks to my Patreons Chris Bennett, Eric Trejo, Ken Newton, MTR Magic Key, Myles, Peter Mattausch, Sina R., Steve A. & Victor Bellu! Thanks to Met4Citizen for making available the cool TalkingHead module. Avatars by ReadyPlayerMe Thanks ItsSylvii for streaming! Thanks everyone on Reddit for the support!

"I am having trouble holding in my laughter, which is awkward since I share my office with my manager on days we are both working on location... and today is one such day" -Jerosh
"This is totally Rick and Morty interdimensional TV at this point" -Magnusai
"ich bin im büro und lass das quasi als hörbuch nebenbei laufen" -Anonym
"This is truly amazing" -mrw0lf_sp